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On-Demand Content IFCC Live Webinar on 2nd March 2022 "Laboratory & Analytical Aspects of High-Sensitivity Cardiac Troponin Assays: Views from the C-CB"

Published: Thursday, March 3, 2022

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This webinar, organized by the C-CB, addressed educational issues pertaining to high-sensitivity cardiac troponin I & T assays and the clinical laboratory's role in patient care addressing assay imprecision, interferences, and implementation, including point of care assays. It was provided evidence-based information that laboratory professionals will be able to use to educate their clinical colleagues for optimal interpretation of cTn measurements.

Certificate of participation is available for all registrants after four questions. At the end of the questions, participants will need to click "Show my scores" at the bottom of the Auditorium page and get their certificate.

The IFCC is pleased to announce that it is making three courses on cardiovascular disease available to the webinar participants. The courses are prepared by Li Zha and Fred Apple and are entitled:

These courses are based on the concept of adaptive learning, the closest to personalized education. They can help laboratory medicine professionals assess their knowledge in this vital area of research and maintain competency in it. Courses can be accessed on a variety of mobile devices as well as desktop computers.

To access these courses, please go to and register. It takes 30 seconds and is free.

When you register, you will also have access to over 100 courses covering various topics in laboratory medicine. We strongly encourage you to take advantage of this excellent opportunity.   


The IFCC Live Webinar Series is partially sponsored by Siemens and Boston Children's Hospital


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