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On Demand content available for the IFCC Webinar: "Data-driven Operations and Machine Learning Applications in Clinical Laboratories" May 23, 2022

Published: Tuesday, May 31, 2022

On Demand content available for the IFCC Webinar

The IFCC webinar: "Data-driven Operations and Machine Learning Applications in Clinical Laboratories" was held on 23 May, 2022.

Recent advances in computational techniques have improved the utility of machine learning algorithms (ML) in laboratory medicine. Today, data-driven approaches and ML algorithms continue to be adopted and integrated into the complex infrastructure of health information systems (HIS) to improve clinical decision-making. In this context, clinical laboratories are trying to move from testing the technology to implementing it at scale to maximize impact and develop a ML -enabled tool to support clinical decision-making. In particular, it is important for laboratory professionals to consider and use such tools to enhance the value of clinical laboratory results.

This webinar focused on the integration of data-driven laboratory workflows and the powerful technology of ML that offers significant potential to improve patient outcomes. The presenters have published several studies on models using multiple ML methods.

This webinar comprised three following presentations of 20 min each, followed by 20 min of panel discussion at the end where the speakers answered to participants questions.

Chair/Moderator: Prof. Sedef Yenice

Talk 1: " The role of digital transformation in improving clinical laboratory management " - Dr. Merve Sibel Güngören

Talk 2: " The Pursuits of Data Analytics and Machine learning applications in laboratory operations " - Dr. Deniz Ilhan Topçu

Talk 3: " Implementation of laboratory results in machine learning-based clinical decision support systems" - Dr. Hikmet Can Çubukçu

The IFCC Live Webinar Series is partially sponsored by Siemens and Boston Children's Hospital


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