IFCC Feed 2022-11-27T12:07:02Z Insoft Feed Generator /ifcc-news/ IFCC Distinguished Awards for WorldLab Congress Rome 2023 2022-11-24T08:50:40Z /ifcc-news/22-11-19-ifcc-distinguished-awards-for-worldlab-congress-rome-2023/ IFCC Office As you are aware, the IFCC confers several Distinguished Awards to scientists and clinicians who work in clinical chemistry and laboratory medicine or related disciplines. These triennial awards are the highest honours that our Federation can bestow to colleagues worldwide in recognition of their outstanding achievements, to publicize their exceptional research and other contributions that have improved medical and healthcare, and to stimulate and encourage other scientists to accelerate their efforts in advancing clinical chemistry and laboratory medicine.

There is an open call for nominations for the following 5 IFCC Distinguished Awards for presentation at the IFCC Congress in May 2023, Rome, Italy. These awards for 2023 are listed below and a more detailed description of them, including the former honorees, can be found clicking on this link.

1. IFCC-Henry Wishinsky Award for Distinguished International Service since 1990 (IFCC Distinguished International Services Award 1981-1987) - sponsored by Siemens Healthineers.

2. IFCC Award for Distinguished Contributions in Education - sponsored by Abbott Laboratories.

3. IFCC-Robert Shaffer Award for Outstanding Achievements in the Development of Standards for Use in Laboratory Medicine - sponsored by NIST CLSI.

4. IFCC Distinguished Award for Contributions to the Cardiovascular Diagnostics - sponsored by HyTest.

5. IFCC Young Investigator Award.

Nominations are welcome from the President or National Representative of the nominees’ national society, which should be a member of the IFCC.
Each nomination should contain: 
1) a statement as to the reasons for nomination,
2) a full CV of the nominees including a bibliography, 
3) other letters of support (optional); 
4) copy of passport or ID card for the IFCC Young Investigator Award.

Documents should be sent to Silvia Colli-Lanzi of the IFCC Office (colli-lanzi@ifcc.org).

The closing date for receipt of nominations is 31st December 2022

Please do not hesitate to write to Silvia Colli Lanzi or me if you have any queries.

Yours sincerely,

Prof. Maurizio Ferrari
Chair, IFCC Awards Committee

IFCC eNews No 11 - November 2022 2022-11-21T09:08:06Z /ifcc-news/2022-11-18-ifcc-enews-no-11-november-2022/ IFCC Office  



IFCC eNews: No 11 November 2022

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    • Message from the eNews editor
    • Message from the IFCC President - October 2022
    • IFCC WG-MEP – To do a good job, an artisan needs the best tools
    • The IFCC – Abbott VLP Program in the XV National Congress of the Colegio Nacional de Laboratoristas Clínicos de Panama (CONALAC)
    • Celebrating 70 years of advancing excellence in laboratory medicine for better healthcare worldwide
    • IFCC General Conference 2022 – Regional Representative report
    • Latin American Confederation of Clinical Biochemistry (COLABIOCLI) present at the IFCC General Conference
    • French Young Scientists: interactive pedagogical cases
    • Improving patient outcomes through strategic implementation of procalcitonin into clinical care
    • Unprecedented challenge met with rapid delevopment and deployment of novel best practices at Warwick Medical School and UHW NSH Trust
    • Professional Management Exchange Programme – my experience
    • Spanish Society of Laboratory Medicine (SEQCML) and Gregorio Marañón Hospital: the 8th edition of the FESTEM Congress
    • Second edition of the Leadership Course for Young Clinical Laboratory Professionals in Latin America
    • The 1st Course on Quality management and good laboratory practices to strengthen the virological and genomic surveillance of COVID-19 in Latin America concluded with great success
    • Professor Hilda Tendisa Marima-Matarira appointed to the Board of Directors of Food and Nutrition Council (FNC)
    • Calendar of IFCC Congresses/Conferences and Regional Federations' Congresses
    • Calendar of events with IFCC auspices
IFCC Professional Exchange Programmes (PEP) FALL 2022 2022-11-11T12:04:10Z /ifcc-news/2022-11-11-ifcc-pep/ IFCC Office The purpose of professional exchange programmes is to:

  • Promote international co-operation between laboratories
  • Facilitate the exchange of young laboratory scientists between IFCC Member societies
  • Share high level scientific or management skills
  • Introduce new or improved scientific or management skills to the applicant's laboratory

IFCC has developed two categories of professional exchange programme:

  • Professional Scientific Exchange Programme (PSEP)
  • Professional Management Exchange Programme (PMEP)

IFCC has developed a list of clinical laboratories willing to host visiting scientists for a period of 1-3 months.    However, applicants are free to select other hosting laboratories pending prior acceptance and approval by the host. IFCC has no role in making agreements between the Applicant and the hosting laboratory.

Click here to see the list of the IFCC PEP hosting Laboratories.

For further information and for the forms, click here to go to the PEP webpage

Candidates for IFCC Secretary and Treasurer positions 2022-11-08T06:57:18Z /ifcc-news/2022-11-07-candidates-for-ifcc-secretary-and-treasurer-position/ IFCC Office The Nominations Committee, having completed its assessment of nominations, now presents to you for your consideration the following authorised slate of candidates for the election of the IFCC Secretary and Treasurer who will commence the term in office on January 1st 2024.












The full details of each candidate’s nomination, including a personal statement, are available at following link


The electronic ballot for the election of the SECRETARY and TREASURER positions will be held from January 1st to 31st, 2023.

eJIFCC Vol 33 n° 3 2022-11-07T13:56:59Z /ifcc-news/2022-08-06-ejifcc-vol-33-n-3/ IFCC Office  

eJIFCC Volume 33 no 3 - 2022

eJIFCC New 2015 Thumb for web.jpg
Click here to download a PDF of the full issue.
Click here to download a PDF of the full issue.
1 Importance of interpretative comments in clinical biochemistry – a practitioner’s report
Vivek Pant, Santosh Pradhan
2 Establishment of population specific reference intervals in healthy Pakistani adults for 21 routine and special haematology analytes
Muhammad Shariq Shaikh, Sibtain Ahmed, Attika Khalid, Muhammad Hasan Hayat, Mohammad Usman Shaikh, Natasha Ali
3 Clinical thresholds for pseudohyperkalemia and pseudonormokalemia in patients with thrombocytosis
Jose Antonio Delgado, Bernardo Lopez, Daniel Morell-García, Eduardo Martínez-Morillo, María Antonieta Ballesteros, Sara Aida Jiménez, María Antonia Durán, Josep Miquel Bauça
4 Urinary screening in asymptomatic Indian children: a cross sectional epidemiologicalstudy
Mithu Banerjee, Dipayan Roy, Malavika Lingeswaran, Sojit Tomo, Aliza Mittal, Prem Prakash Varma
5 Assessing third-year medical students’ perspective on point of care testing boot camp: from bench to bedside
Sibtain Ahmed, Lena Jafri, Hafsa Majid, Shahid Shakeel, Shuja Ahmed, Aysha Habib Khan
6 Nephrotic syndrome and Hodgkins lymphoma – an unusual association
Priyanka Devi Padmanaban, Dhaarani Jayaraman, Sri Gayathri Shanmugam, Sangeetha Geminiganesan
7 Systemic pseudohypoaldosteronism type 1 due to a novel mutation in SCNN1B gene: a case report
Kamal Joshi, Prashant Kumar Verma, Manidipa Barman
8 Protect your fibroblasts before they become gametes
Amaia Fernandez-Uriarte, Oscar D. Pons-Belda, Eleftherios P. Diamandis



Scam messages 2022-11-04T11:50:55Z /ifcc-news/2022-11-04-scam-messages/ IFCC Office The email messages (and websites) look official enough that they deceive many people into believing that they are legitimate. Believing that these emails are legitimate, unsuspecting people often respond to the email's requests for their credit card numbers, passwords, account information, or other personal information. Or even send money.

At IFCC we don't ask money!

Never respond to requests for personal information via email. Legitimate organizations will never ask for passwords, credit card numbers, or other personal information in an email.  If you receive an email requesting this kind of information,


  If you think the email is legitimate, contact the company through their official contacts to confirm. Updating your systems with good security software can help defend data, users, systems, and companies from a wide range of risks.

Remember that the IFCC never requests money or credit card numbers, passwords, account information, or any other personal information.

The IFCC Celebrates 70 Years! 2022-11-04T09:56:53Z /ifcc-news/2022-10-29-ifcc-celebrates-70-years/ IFCC Office As we reflect on 70 years, it is important to recognize the many milestones that IFCC has accomplished, of which there are too many to list here. Moving forward, I strongly believe that the future holds considerable promise for the IFCC organization and its family of national societies and corporate members. The strong foundation built
by thousands of IFCC Officers over the past decades as highlighted in this report will ensure the organization’s continued journey towards global leadership in laboratory medicine. I would like to thank all of our community members for your dedication and contributions to the IFCC organization over the years, aiding significantly in our progress towards the IFCC vision, which we will most certainly continue for years to come!

Thanks to the committment and efforts of Dr. Maria del Carmen Pasquel GENERAL COORDINATOR Dr. María Schroeder-Castagno Co-COORDINATOR, Dr. Maria del Patrocinio Chueca and Dr. Raul Girardi, EDITORIAL BOARD and to the many who contributed to this magazine.

Click on the link or on below cover to download and read the magazine


IFCC eNews No 10 October 2022 2022-11-04T09:54:31Z /ifcc-news/2022-10-18-ifcc-enews-no-10-october-2022/ IFCC Office  



IFCC eNews: No 10 October 2022

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    • Message from the eNews editor
    • Message from the IFCC President - October 2022
    • The IFCC is pleased to announce its new President-elect: prof Ozben
    • Call for nominations for the IFCC Regional Federation Representatives 2024
    • Call for Nominations for the Corporate Representative position within the IFCC EB 2024-2026
    • The IFCC-Abbott VLP Program in a 20th Congress of the Sociedad Chilena de Química Clínica
    • The IFCC C-MHBLM and m-technologies under the spotlights in Chicago, IL., USA
    • Interview with Prof. Rajiv Erasmus
  • IFCC: the People
    • In Memoriam: Professor Jean-Paul Chapelle
  • IFCC: the Young Scientists
    • IFCC PSEP Educational Visit to the Hormone Laboratory at Oslo University Hospital
    • Medcan - Preventing Cardiovascular Disease Through Proactive, Cost-Effective and Enhanced Identification of Cardiovascular Risk Using High-Sensitivity Cardiac Troponin
    • Elsevier: article submission process streamlined for Clinica Chimica Acta and related journals
    • The First IFCC-Mindray International Case Contest in Laboratory
    • Spanish Society of Laboratory Medicine (SEQCML) unveils new Strategic Plan for improving patient health
    • Smart interconnected minds at the 16th BCLM 2022, Tallinn, Estonia
    • Dr Jean-Baptiste Woillard (FR) winner of the « 1st IFCC-Gérard Siest Young Scientist Award for Distinguished Contributions in Pharmacogenetics»
    • News from EFLM task groups
    • Calendar of IFCC Congresses/Conferences and Regional Federations' Congresses
    • Calendar of events with IFCC auspices
DIAGNÓSTICO in VITRO October Issue now available 2022-11-04T09:54:30Z /ifcc-news/2022-10-10-div-octubre-2022/ IFCC Office Auspiciado por la Federación Internacional de Química Clínica, "Diagnóstico in Vitro" es un nexo de unión entre los países Latinoamericanos, Portugal y España, que contribuye a difundir temas científicos a través de Internet, facilitando el conocimiento de publicaciones y temas de interés comunes a las ciencias del laboratorio clínico.

 Número Octubre 2022

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Click here to access the Flip version
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IFCC President-elect is Prof Tomris Ozben 2022-11-04T09:54:30Z /ifcc-news/2022-09-03-ifcc-president-elect-is-prof-tomris-ozben/ IFCC Office The result of the ballot for the election of the President-elect, to commence the term of office on January 1st, 2023, was concluded yesterday, September 30th, 2022. In summary 77 societies voted (out of 89 have the right to vote), giving preferences as follows:


Prof. Tomris Ozben
(Turkish Biochemical Society - TBS)
received votes: 45 (58,44%)

Prof. Michael Neumaier
(German Society for Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine – DGKL)
received votes: 19 (24,68%)

Prof. Tahir Pillay
(South African Association for Clinical Biochemistry and Laboratory Medicine - SAACB)
received votes: 13 (16,88%)


Full details of the ballot may be found from the independent company that conducted the ballot:



Accordingly to the results, we are glad to announce that the President-elect is Prof. Tomris Ozben, to continue her term as President until December, 2026. 


The IFCC congratulates all nominated members and the new President-elect.

Click here to read a short profile of Prof. Ozben

Find here a "Thank you message" from prof Ozben.