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Regional and National Guidelines & Reports

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Human Genetics Society of Australasia - (data accessed: 2019)


Belgium Federal public service. Search results for Genetic testing (data accessed: 2019)


Brazilian  Society of Genetics, "Sociedad Brasilera de Genética (SBG) (data accessed: 2019)


Canadian College of Medical Genetics (CCMG)Various documents (data accessed: 2019)

Canadian Genetic Disease Network Company Profile (data accessed: 2019)

Canadian Down Syndrome Society (CDSS), (data accessed: 2019)

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Chilean Society of Genetics "Sociedad de Genética de Chile" since 1964, (data accessed: 2019)

China and Hong Kong

Hong Kong Genetic Testing service by Hong Kong government (data accessed: 2019)

Accreditation of medical and genetic tests in Hong Kong by the Hong Kong Accreditation service (HOKLAS) (data accessed: 2019)

Molecular Diagnostic service by The Chinese University of Hong Kong (data accessed: 2019)

Hong Kong Hereditary Breast Cancer Family Registry: Guidelines for Hereditary Breast Cancer testing (data accessed: 2019)


Danish Council on Ethics (data accessed: 2019)


National Consultative Ethics Committee for health and life sciences  - (data accessed:2013)


"Predictive Genetic Diagnosis - Scientific Background, Practical and Social Implementation", Bonn , March 27, 2003 , (data accessed: 2019)

German National Ethics Council,

(data accessed: 2019)

In English: (data accessed: 2019)


Indian Council for Medical research. https://icmr.nic.inl (data accessed: 2019)


National Bioethics Committee ( Italy ), (data accessed : 2019).


Japan Society of Human Genetics, "Guidelines for Genetic Testing", August, 2003, English translation October, 2004, (data accessed: 2019) Resived on February 8, 2013: Japanese only.

Full Revision of the Ethical Guidelines for Analytical Research on the Human Genome/Genes.

The Japanese Association of Medical Sciences, "Guidelines for Genetic Tests and Diagnoses in Medical Practice", approved on February 18, 2011 (data accessed: 2019)

Japan Society of Human Genetics, (data accessed: 2019)

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Public Policy and Regulation System concerning Genetic Medicine in Japan, S. Iwae and M. Shimoda; Formosan J Med Humanities; 2008,  vol 9,  27-39 (data accessed: 2019)


Latvia/Government,,%20Latvia.doc ) (Unofficial translation by the Biomedical Research and Study Centre)  (data accessed:  2019)


Mexican Society of Genetics, "Sociedad Mexicana de Genética, (data accessed: 2019)


Health Council of the Netherlands

(data accessed: 2019)

New Zealand

Ministry of Health New Zealand., (data accessed: 2019)


Health Science Authority Singapore, (data accessed 2019)

South Africa

Department of Health Republic of South Africa. (data accessed: 2019)

Human Genetics and Genomics in South Africa: Ethical, Legal and Social Implications Academy of Science of South Africa (ASSAf) (2018) (data accessed 2019)


Swedish National Council on Medical Ethics, (data accessed 2019)


Swiss Society of Medical Genetics (data accessed 2019)

United Kingdom

Genetic Alliance Home page and policy page - (data accessed: 2019)  (data accessed: 2019)

United States

American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), "Prenatal Genetic Diagnosis for Pediatricians", Elk Grove village , June 1st, 1994 , (1994) 93:6 Pediatrics , 1010-1015, (data accessed:  2019).

American College of Medical Genetics (ACMG)  (data accessed: 2019).

Association for Molecular Pathology, (data accessed:  2019).

Clinical Laboratory Standards Institute (data accessed:  2019).

ANSI National Accreditation Board (data accessed 2013).

American Medical Association (AMA),  (data accessed 2019). (data accessed 2019). (data accessed 2019).

Reference materials for Molecular Testing. (data accessed: 2019)

Health and Human Services Guideline Clearing house by Organization  (data accessed:  2019).

National Human Genome Research Institute (data accessed: 2019).

"Code of Ethical Principles for Genetics Professionals" (data accessed:  2019).  Storage and use of residual newborn screening blood spots (data accessed: 2019) (data accessed:  2019).

Cancer Genetics Risk Assessment and Counseling. National Cancer Institute and American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) Policy Statement on Genetic Testing for Cancer Susceptibility. (data accessed:  2019). (data accessed:  2019).

ACMG Position statement on  "Preconception/Prenatal Genetic Screening", (data accessed:  2019).

Secretary's Advisory Committee on Genetic Testing, Secretary's "Response to the SACGT  - Center's for Disease Control Women's Health (data accessed:  2019).

CDC Genomics (data accessed: 2019).


Provincial (Canada)

The "Institut national d'excellence en santé et en services sociaux"  (data accessed: 201)

Commissaire à la santé et au bien être - Québec (CSBE) (data accessed:  2019).

Ombudsman Ontario , Genetic testing (data accessed:  2019).

Ontario human rights commission Topics on Genetics  - (data accessed:  2019).

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