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2018 Publications of Interest

C-NPU: Nomenclature, Properties and Units -  Joint Committee of IFCC/IUPAC

Wikipedia page for the NPU Terminology:

C-TLM: Traceability in Laboratory Medicine

The results of RELA2017 has been evaluated and published:

C-RIDL: Reference Intervals and Decision Limits

1. Yesim Ozarda, Ken Sikaris, Thomas Streichert, Joseph Macri & on behalf of IFCC
Committee on Reference intervals and Decision Limits (C-RIDL). Distinguishing reference intervals and clinical decision limits – A review by the IFCC Committee on Reference Intervals and Decision Limits. Critical Reviews in Clinical Laboratory Sciences 2018, Vol 55 (6), 420-31.
2. Graham R.D. Jones, Rainer Haeckel, Tze Ping Loh, Ken Sikaris, Thomas Streichert, Alex Katayev, Julian H. Barth, Yesim Ozarda & al. on behalf of the IFCC Committee on Reference Intervals and Decision Limits. Indirect methods for reference interval determination – review and recommendations. Clin Chem Lab Med. 2018 Dec 19;57(1):20-29. doi: 10.1515/cclm-2018-0073.

Other articles directly related to the C-RIDL projects:
1. Yesim Ozarda, Victoria Higgins and Khosrow Adeli. Verification of reference intervals in routine clinical laboratories: practical challenges and recommendations. Opinion Paper, Clin Chem Lab Med 2018, 57(1),doi: 10.1515/cclm-2018-0059.

C-STFT: Standardisation of Thyroid Function Tests

1. Yoshihara A, Noh JY, Watanabe N, Iwaku K, Kunii Y, Ohye H, Suzuki M, Matsumoto M, Suzuki N, Sugino K, Thienpont LM, Hishinuma A, Ito K. Seasonal Changes in Serum Thyrotropin Concentrations Observed from Big Data Obtained During Six Consecutive Years from 2010 to 2015 at a Single Hospital in Japan. Thyroid. 2018 Apr;28(4):429-436. doi: 10.1089/thy.2017.0600. Epub 2018 Apr 2.

C-HAT: Harmonization of Autoimmune Tests

Journal: CCLM - Authors: Evanthia Monogioudi; Ingrid Zegers; Dana P Hutu; Joanna Sheldon; Heinz Schimmel; Pier Luigi Meroni; Title: Certified Reference Material against PR3 ANCA IgG autoantibodies. From development to certification Accepted for publication.

Abstract submitted to Euromedlab Barcelona. Monogioudi Evi, Sheldon Joanna, Meroni Pier Luigi, Zegers Ingrid. On the lookout for the best candidate material to develop a Certified Reference Material for PR3 ANCA IgG antibodies: A commutability story.

WG-HbA2: Standardisation of Hemoglobin A2

1. Paleari R, Ceriotti F, Harteveld CL, Strollo M, Bakker-Verweij G, ter Huurne J, Bisoen S, Mosca A. Calibration by commutable control materials is able to reduce inter-method differences of current high-performance methods for HbA2. Clin Chim Acta 2018; 477:60-5.
1. Arsene CG, Kaiser P, Paleari R, Henrion A, Spannagl M, Mosca A, on behalf of the IFCC Working Group on Standardisation of Hemoglobin A2 (WG-HbA2). Determination of HbA2 by quantitative bottom-up proteomics and isotope dilution mass spectrometry. Clinica Chimica Acta 2018;487:318-24.

WG-SCDT: Carbohydrate-Deficient Transferrin

1. International standardization of CDT measurement and interpretation improves its use as biomarker for chronic excessive alcohol consumption. Jos Wielders eNews IFCC November-December 2017

WG-SAU: Standardization of Albumin Assay in Urine – in collaboration with NKDEP

1. Seegmiller JC, Miller WG, Bachmann LM. Moving towards standardization of urine albumin measurements. eJIFCC 2017;28:258-67.
2. Miller WG, Bachmann LM, Fleming JK, Delanghe JR, Parsa A, Narva AS; Laboratory Working Group of the National Kidney Disease Education Program and the IFCC Working Group for Standardization of Albumin in Urine.
3. Recommendations for Reporting Low and High Values for Urine Albumin and Total Protein. Clin Chem. 2018 Nov 20. pii: clinchem.2018.297861. doi 10.1373/clinchem.2018.297861. [Epub ahead of print]

WG-TNI: Standardization of Troponin I (WG-TNI)

The following recommendation was made in the clinical practice guidelines promulgated by the AACC academy and IFCC TF-CACB in 2018.
1. Recommendation 8: Commutable materials should be developed for use in harmonizing and standardizing cTn.
This recommendation resulted was discussed in a section of the Clinical Practice Guidelines titled ‘Harmonizing and Standardizing’, and serves to highlight the importance of our work in developing RM 2922.
Wu AHB, Christenson RH, Greene DN, Jaffe AS, Kavsak PA, Ordonez-Llanos J, Apple FS.
2. Clinical laboratory practice recommendations for the use of cardiac troponin in acute coronary syndrome: expert opinion from the academy of the American Association for Clinical Chemistry and the Task Force on Clinical Applications of Cardiac Bio-Markers of the International Federation of Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine. Clin Chem 2018;64:645-655.

WG-cMSP: Quantitative Mass Spectrometry Proteomics

Clinical Mass spectrometry proteomics (cMSP) for medical laboratory: what could be the future? By Sylvain Lehmann, Cato Brede, Pierre Lescuyer, José A Cocho, Jérôme Vialaret, Pauline Bros, Vincent Delatour, Christophe Hirtz and the IFCC WG-cMSP is currently submitted for publication in CCA (Editor P Gillery).

WG-C: Commutability

1. W. Greg Miller, Heinz Schimmel, Robert Rej, Neil Greenberg, Ferruccio Ceriotti, Chris Burns, Jeffrey R. Budd, Cas Weykamp, Vincent Delatour, Goran Nilsson, Finlay MacKenzie, Mauro Panteghini, Thomas Keller, Johanna E. Camara, Ingrid Zegers, Hubert W. Vesper, for the IFCC Working Group on Commutability. IFCC working group recommendations for assessing commutability part 1:  general experimental design. Clin Chem 2018;64: 447-54.
2. Goran Nilsson, Jeffrey R. Budd, Neil Greenberg, Vincent Delatour, Robert Rej, Mauro Panteghini, Ferruccio Ceriotti, Heinz Schimmel, Cas Weykamp, Thomas Keller, Johanna E. Camara, Chris Burns, Hubert W. Vesper, Finlay MacKenzie, W. Greg Miller, for the IFCC Working Group on Commutability. IFCC working group recommendations for assessing commutability part 2: using the difference in bias between a reference material and clinical samples. Clin Chem 2018;64:455-64. This paper includes a worked example as supplemental information.
3. Jeffrey R. Budd, Cas Weykamp, Robert Rej, Finlay MacKenzie, Ferruccio Ceriotti, Neil Greenberg, Johanna E. Camara, Heinz Schimmel, Hubert W. Vesper, Thomas Keller, Vincent Delatour, Mauro Panteghini, Chris Burns, W. Greg Miller, for the IFCC Working Group on Commutability. IFCC working group recommendations for assessing commutability part 3: based on the calibration effectiveness of a reference material. Clin Chem 2018;64:465-74. This paper includes additional
example data and statistical tools as supplemental information.

Apolipoproteins by Mass Spectrometry (WG-APO MS)

The WG is working on the outline of its independent publication strategy.
Several publications were prepared with contributions of WG members:
1. Bodde MC, Hermans MPJ, Jukema JW, et al. Apolipoproteins A1, B, and apoB/apoA1 ratio are associated with first ST-segment elevation myocardial infarction but not with recurrent events during long-term follow-up. Clin Res Cardiol 2018 2018/10/10. DOI: 10.1007/s00392-018-1381-5.
2. Delatour V, Clouet-Foraison N, Gaie-Levrel F, et al. Comparability of Lipoprotein Particle Number Concentrations Across ES-DMA, NMR, LC-MS/MS, Immunonephelometry, and VAP: In Search of a Candidate Reference Measurement Procedure for apoB and nonHDL-P Standardization.  Clin Chem 2018; 64: 1485-1495. 2018/08/09. DOI: 10.1373/clinchem.2018.288746.
3. Ruhaak LR, Smit NPM, Suchiman HED, et al. MS-based proteomics: a metrological sound and robust alternative for apolipoprotein E phenotyping in a multiplexed test. Clinical chemistry and laboratory medicine: CCLM / FESCC 2018 2018/09/22. DOI: 10.1515/cclm-2018-0782.
4. Ruhaak LR, Smit NPM, Romijn F, et al. Robust and Accurate 2-Year Performance of a Quantitative Mass Spectrometry-Based Apolipoprotein Test in a Clinical Chemistry Laboratory. Clin Chem 2018; 64: 747-749. 2018/01/31. DOI: 10.1373/ clinchem.2017.285098.
5. Dittrich J, Adam M, Maas H, et al. Targeted On-line SPE-LC-MS/MS Assay for the Quantitation of 12 Apolipoproteins from Human Blood. Proteomics 2018; 18 2017/12/28. DOI: 10.1002/pmic.201700279.

Pancreatic Enzymes (WG-PE)

1.Deprez L, Toussaint B, Zegers I, Schimmel H, Grote-Koska D, Klauke R, Gella FJ, Orth M, Lessinger JM, Trenti T, Nilsson G, Ceriotti F. (2018). Commutability Assessment of Candidate Reference Materials for Pancreatic α-Amylase. Clin. Chem. 64: 1193-1202.

Other publications:
This was not positioned in IFCC-WG-PE, however, F. Ceriotti, J. Gella and D. Grote-Koska from WG-PE were involved in this EC-JRC publication.

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