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Task Force on Ethics (TF-E)


NamePositionCountryTermTime in Office
N. FinkChairAR2nd2021 01 - 2023 12
R. DaveyMemberAU2nd2021 07 - 2023 12
J. WiencekMemberUS2nd2022 01 - 2024 12
SK DattaMemberIN1st2020 08 - 2022 12
J. VeronaMemberAR1st2020 08 - 2022 12
D. BrunsConsultantUS
J. JonssonConsultantIS
A. GronowskiConsultantUS
T. OzbenEB LiaisonTR


  • To increase awareness among Laboratory Medicine Professionals of ethical issues
  • To encourage the practice of Laboratory Medicine to the highest ethical standards
  • To develop guidance documents for member societies on ethics related issues
  • To provide a voice for Laboratory Medicine on ethical issues


  • Recognizing that IFCC is formed by representatives from Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine in more than 90 countries plus more than 40 corporate members, it is unlikely that the TF can create documents that would be acceptable to all national societies. For that reason, the TF should instead focus on guidance documents to assist member societies to create their own unique policies and statements
  • A secondary objective is to ensure that each paper is published in professional journal(s) and that it is also made available to the general public


During the term 1997-1999, the EB of the IFCC accepted the principle of establishing an Ethics Committee. In various parts of the world, individual professional organizations have raised awareness of ethics-related issues among their members and have produced documents addressing some of the key issues. Other organizations have not, and would like guidance on how to create such documents. In general, the Laboratory Medicine community has not provided organized discussion in which the members can actively participate. There has been even less effort at the international level to create a collective voice for ethical issues in Laboratory Medicine. Laboratory Medicine organizations have a responsibility to advance the interest of their members but the IFCC strategic vision also clearly states that the ultimate goal is to benefit the health and well-being of the patients and communities we serve. This test of our professional responsibility demands that we do not simply perform tests and use technology uncritically. We cannot be isolated from the impact of our work on society.


The Task Force on Ethics has produced the following documents:


  • eAdademy Webinars:
    • Ethics & Professionalism for IFCC Volunteers - Part 1 Apr 2020
    • Ethics & Professionalism for IFCC Volunteers - Part 2 Apr 2020
    • Ethics Education Jan 2017
    • Publication Ethics Mar 2016 - Pearls of Laboratory Medicine, in cooperation with AACC
    • Ethics in Laboratory Medicine Feb 2016 - Pearls of Laboratory Medicine, in cooperation with AACC 

The group also produced three teaching modules entitled: "Ethics in Laboratory Medicine", "Ethics Education" and "Publication Ethics". These modules are freely available in this website in the eAcademy section

List of Corresponding Members, nominated by National Societies

NameFull and Affiliate Member Societies
Nafija SerdarevicAssociation of Medical Biochemists in Bosnia-Herzegovina
Manana AkhvledianiLaboratory Medicine Association of Georgia (GLMA)
Pramod IngaleAssociation of Medical Biochemists of India (AMBI)
Martina ZaninottoItalian Society of Clinical Chemistry and Clinical Molecular Biology (SIBioC)
Masakazu MiuraJapan Society of Clinical Chemistry (JSCC)
Angela AmayoClinical Chemists Association of Kenya
Valdas BanysLithuanian Society of Laboratory Medicine
Aleksandra A. BoshkuMacedonian Society of Medical Biochemistry and Laboratory Medicine (MSMBLM)
Binod Kumar YadavNepal Association for Medical Laboratory Science (NAMLS)
Santosh PradhanNepalese Association for Clinical Chemistry (NACC)
Olisekodiaka Japhet MaduAssociation of Clinical Chemists Nigeria (ACCN)
Irina S. StepanenkoAssociation of Laboratory Specialists and Organizations «Federation of Laboratory Medicine» (FLM) - RU
Imad Fadl-elmulaSudanese Society of Clinical Biology
Gulsen YilmazTurkish Biochemical Society (TBS)
Tetyana KheylomskaAssociation of Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine of Ukraine (ACCLMU)

List of Corresponding Members, nominated by Companies

Randal SchneiderAbbott
Tracy EllisonBD

List of addresses


Dr Nilda FINK
Departamento de Ciencias Biológicas,
Facultad de Ciencias Exactas,
Universidad Nacional de La Plata,
Calle 47 y 115, 1900
La Plata - Argentina



Dr. Sudip Kumar DATTA
Department of Laboratory Medicine,
AIIMS, New Delhi - India

Dr Richard DAVEY

Dr. Julián VERONA
Servicio de Laboratorio
Hospital de Balcarce,
Buenos Aires, Argentina

Vanderbilt University School of Medicine
The Vanderbilt Clinic
Nashville, TN - USA



Prof. David E BRUNS
Department of Pathology
University of Virginia Medical School
P O Box 800214
Charlottesville , Virginia - USA

Prof. Jon J. JONSSON
Division of Biochemistry,
Clinical Biochemistry and Medical Genetics
University of Iceland Faculty of Medicine
IS-I01 Reykjavik - Iceland

Department of Pathology & Immunology
Washington University School of Medicine
660 South Euclid Avenue, Box 8118
St. Louis, Missouri 63110 - USA

EB Liaison

Prof. Tomris Ozben
Akdeniz University Medical Faculty
Department of Clinical Biochemistry
07070 Antalya - Turkey


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