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IFCC Professional Exchange Programmes (PEP)

IFCC offers a small number of scholarships each year to facilitate professional exchange programmes for young scientists. The purpose of professional exchange programmes is to:

  • Promote international co-operation between laboratories
  • Facilitate the exchange of young laboratory scientists between IFCC Member societies
  • Share high level scientific or management skills
  • Introduce new or improved scientific or management skills to the applicant's laboratory

IFCC has developed two categories of professional exchange programme:

  • Professional Scientific Exchange Programme (PSEP)
  • Professional Management Exchange Programme (PMEP)

• These exchange programmes are open for laboratories in all countries where an IFCC member society is active •

• National societies Members of IFCC may support a maximum of one Professional Exchange Programme
in any one calendar year •

• National societies Members of IFCC may support a maximum of one Professional Exchange Programme per applicant •

• IFCC has no role in finding placements for postgraduate or postdoctoral study •

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The purpose of a PMEP is to develop appropriate quality management skills in order to improve the performance and quality of service offered to patients by the base laboratory.

Applications for a Professional Management Exchange Programme (PMEP) may only come from IFCC Full Member or Affiliate Member national societies that are in countries where quality management and/or laboratory accreditation are at an early stage of development.

Examples of PMEP include:

  • Acquiring skills to introduce effective internal quality control;
  • Acquiring skills to introduce an external quality assurance scheme to a country;
  • Acquiring skills to introduce quality management to the base laboratory;
  • Preparation to enable the base laboratory to apply for laboratory accreditation in line with ISO Standard 15189;

The host laboratory for a PMEP will normally be in the same IFCC Region as the applicant.


The purpose of a PSEP is to exchange or develop high level scientific information or skills.

Applications for a PSEP may come from any IFCC Full Member or Affiliate Member national society.

Examples of suitable PSEP projects include (but are not restricted to):

  • Conduct of a collaborative research project between base and host laboratories;
  • Use of a method or technique not available in the base laboratory in order to complete a research project;
  • Learning a new method or technique in the host laboratory which will be introduced into the base laboratory after the PSEP is complete;
  • Completion of a collaborative evidence-based scientific project such as the preparation of a systematic review;

Scientific publications resulting from this exchange programme have to acknowledge IFCC's support.



Applicants for an IFCC professional exchange programme will:

  • Be a member of an IFCC Full Member or Affiliate Member national society
  • Be aged under 40 years at the time of the exchange programme
  • Haven't received funding from IFCC for other PEPs
  • Have a specific project to complete in a designated host laboratory
  • Have the written support of:
    • The head of department in which he/she is based
    • The head of the host laboratory to be visited
    • The national society of which he/she is a member

Duration of Exchanges:

  • 3 months maximum

IFCC Support:

Successful applicants will be entitled to receive:

  • Economy return travel expenses from his/her home base to the host laboratory.
  • Subsistence at the rate of 1500 Swiss Francs per month for a maximum of three months.


At the completion of a professional exchange programme the successful applicant is required to:

  • Write a short report of his/her experience for publication in IFCC News.
  • Where appropriate, submit a scientific paper for publication in the electronic journal of IFCC.

List of Documents needed:

Curriculum vitae

Copy of passport or identity document

Letter of support of national ifcc society

Letter of support of the head of applicant's department

Letter of support of the head of the host laboratory

Detailed project description

Submission of applications:

Applications must be made on the PMEP/PSEP application form and must be emailed any time to the IFCC Office:

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