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Nominations Committee (EB-NC)

term of office:  1st January 2018 - 31st December 2020


The election of the IFCC REGIONAL FEDERATIONS Representatives to start her/his office on January 1st 2018, is now completed, results as follows:

Prof. Adekunle Bashiru  OKESINA
African Federation of Clinical Chemistry (AFCC)

Prof. Abderrazek HEDHILI
Arab Federation of Clinical Biology (AFCB)

Dr. Sunil SETHI 
Asia-Pacific Federation for Clinical Biochemistry and Laboratory Medicine (APFCB)

Prof. Sverre SANDBERG
European Federation of Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine (EFLM)

Latin-American Confederation of Clinical Biochemistry (COLABIOCLI)

North American Federation of Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine (NAFCC)


The IFCC Executive Board 2018-2020, will be then composed as follows:

Prof. Howard MORRIS (Australia)

Prof. Maurizio FERRARI (Italy)

Dr. David KINNIBURGH (Canada)

Prof. Tomris OZBEN (Turkey)

REGIONAL FEDERATIONS Representatives (as indicated above) 

CORPORATE Representative
Dr. Rolf HINZMANN (Roche Diagnostics)


Information about the election process, is available by clicking the article written by Dr. Bernard Gouget, in the January-February 2016 volume of IFCC e-News.

The Executive Board creates an ad hoc Nominations Committee (NC) and appoints the Chair. This occurs every third year with the Committee being appointed two years prior to the next Council meeting. It is the responsibility of the NC to invite, receive and process nominations for the next Executive Board. To do so, the NC solicits suggestions for candidates for each position on the Executive Board (except the Past-President and Corporate Representative), from Full Members of the IFCC and from key individuals within the management structure of the IFCC.

The NC then recommends a slate of candidates consisting of one or more persons for each vacancy. Also, the candidates must be nominated by the Association of the country where the candidate works, and not by another Association of which they are a member.

The Nominations Committee will conduct this activity independent of the current Executive Board (whose members may be seeking re-election). Also, it will establish an appropriate deadline by which all nominations must be received. The NC does not function as a "Search Committee" and has no long-term role in "human resource development" or "succession planning".

The election for the new EB will be conducted by electronic ballot and the result will be announced at the meeting of Council prior to each IFCC WorldLab meeting.


Name Position Country Term Time in Office
G. Beastall Chair UK 1st 2018 11 - 2020 12
B. Gouget Past Chair FR    
M. Ferrari  Immediate Past President IT    
  Regional Federations Members to be nominated      



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Prof. Maurizio FERRARI

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