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Asia-Pacific Federation for Clinical Biochemistry and Laboratory Medicine (APFCB)


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Asia-Pacific Federation for Clinical Biochemistry and Laboratory Medicine (APFCB)

The APFCB is a federation of 18 national associations of clinical biochemistry and laboratory medicine in the Asia-Pacific region. Out of 18 APFCB members, 17 are also IFCC members.

The following Country/Area Associations of Clinical Biochemistry are Members of the APFCB:

  • Australasian Association of Clinical Biochemists (AACB)
  • Chinese Society of Laboratory Medicine (CSLM)
  • Hong Kong Society of Clinical Chemistry (HKSCC)
  • Association of Clinical Biochemists of India (ACBI)
  • Indonesian Association for Clinical Chemistry (IACC)
  • Iranian Association of Clinical Laboratory Doctors (IACLD)
  • Japan Society of Clinical Chemistry (JSCC)
  • Korean Society of Clinical Chemistry (KSCC)
  • Mongolian Association of Health Laboratorians (MAHL)
  • Malaysian Association of Clinical Biochemists (MACB)
  • Nepal Association for Medical Laboratory Sciences (NAMLS)
  • Pakistan Society of Clinical Pathologists (PSCP)
  • Philippine Association of Medical Technologists (PAMET)
  • Singapore Association of Clinical Biochemistry (SACB)
  • Association for Clinical Biochemistry, Sri Lanka (ACBSL)
  • Chinese Association for Clinical Biochemistry, Taiwan (CACB)
  • Thailand Association of Clinical Biochemists (TACB)
  • Vietnamese Association of Clinical Biochemistry (VACB)

Moreover, following Societies are APFCB Affiliate Memebers:

  • Association of Medical Biochemists of India (AMBI)
  • College of Community Physicians of Sri Lanka (CCPSL)
  • Chinese Association of Clinical Laboratory Management (CACLM)
  • Macao Laboratory Medicine Association (MLMA)
  • Nepalese Association of Clinical Chemistry (NACC)
  • Philippine Council for Quality Assurance in Clinical- Laboratories (PCQACL)

Nineteen in-vitro diagnostics companies, both multinational and regional, make up the APFCB's Corporate Membership.

The governing body of the APFCB is the Council which delegates the management of the federation's activities to the Executive Board. The professional activities of the APFCB are executed through its four standing committees, these being the Communications, Education &  Laboratory Management , Scientific  and Congress and Conferences committees. In addition, ad hoc committees are formed for specific purposes such as awards and scholarships. All committees report to the EB which then reports to the Council. The APFCB is domiciled in Singapore where its bank account is also maintained. The APFCB Office in Singapore manages the APFCB's financial and regulatory affairs.

The major activity of the Education and Laboratory Management Committee is the organisation of visiting lectureships.The longest running of these is the APFCB Travelling Lectureship which was initiated in 1999. This lectureship is organised at an approximately biennial frequency where an eminent speaker from the region is appointed by the Executive Board to travel to member countries to speak on areas of current interest, usually at the annual scientific meetings of the APFCB members.

The activities of the Education and Laboratory Management Committee also include education in the area of laboratory quality. Towards this end it has helped organise courses on QA/QC and conducts an educational programme on interpretative commentary of laboratory results. A Pre-analytical working group has been established and one of the aims of this working group is to work on projects with the Pre-analytical working group of EFLM.

The Scientific Committee undertakes the organisation of scientific projects on a regional basis in areas of current interest. Seven member societies thus far are collaborating in the IFCC global study on reference intervals. Other regional projects include a regional project for harmonisation of mass spectrometry-based steroid assays, urine steroid metabolomic studies by gas chromatography mass spectrometry to aid the diagnosis of disorders of sexual development

The Congress and Conferences Committee is involved in the planning and supervising of the triennial APFCB congress and APFCB regional conferences and works closely with the local organising committees to ensure the success of these congresses.

The triennial APFCB congress is the scientific congress of the APFCB. The first congress was held in 1979 in Singapore. The 14th congress was held in Taipei (TW) in November 2016, and the 15th will be held in Jaipur (IN) in 2019.

The APFCB publishes a bi-annual e-newsletter called the APFCB e-News that is distributed to the APFCB members and senior clinical chemists outside the region, without charge.The APFCB e-News is published online (available for download at The Clinical Biochemist Reviews is the Medline-indexed, quarterly journal of the AACB which is published in association with the APFCB.

The APFCB Philanthropic Fund was started in 2005 with a generous donation from the IFCC. Its aim is to assist in the professional and career development of deserving young clinical biochemists with scholarships and travel grants to undergo training and to present their research at meetings within the region. The Fund will also provide assistance to members who are unable to attend the Council meetings of the APFCB.

Linkages with organisations outside the Asia-Pacific region have been established: The agreement on the APFCB congress that was signed between the APFCB and the IFCC forms the basis of the formal relationship between the two federations. The APFCB signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) in May 2011 with the World Association of Societies of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine (WASPaLM) and renewed this MoU for another three years on 27th August 2014. The APFCB signed an MoU with the AACC on 11th December 2014 for a two year term (2015 and 2016) in the first instance.

APFCB President

Dr. Sunil Sethi
Head Clinical Chemistry
Department of Laboratory Medicine
National University Hospital
5 Lower Kent Ridge Road
Singapore 119074
Tel: +65-6772 4347
Fax: +65 6779 5555

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