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Internet and e-Learning (C-IeL)


The chair of this committee is the IFCC Publications & Distance Learning coordinator and is a member of the CPD Executive Committee.

Name Position Country Term Time in Office
E. Freggiaro Chair AR 1st 2017 01 - 2019 12
R. Shrestha Member  NP 1st 2017 05 - 2019 12
P. Kocna Member CZ 2nd 2015 01 - 2017 12
H. Sakamoto Member JP 2nd 2015 01 - 2017 12
J. Grant Web Editor AU 2nd 2017 01 - 2019 12
N. Bao Toan Corr. Member VN
M. Blanes Gonzales Corr. Member PY
C. Collier Corr. Member CA
R. Delport Corr. Member ZA
A. Ferrari Corr. Member AR
E. Hoyaranda Corr. Member ID
M. Idris Corr. Member NG
G. Kováčs Corr. Member SK
S. Küçük Corr. Member TR
L. Langman Corr. Member US
A. Merino Corr. Member ES
S.S. Rao Corr. Member IN
R. Stonys Corr. Member LT
B. Vásárhelyi Corr. Member HU
M. Sims Corr. Member/Abbott Laboratories US

Terms of Reference

This committee is responsible for the coordination, maintenance and improvement of the IFCC website and for supporting the EMD through the creation and promotion of web-based e-learning and educational activities. The committee promotes a multidisciplinary approach to patient care by obtaining educational material, making it available on the web site and by providing links to other relevant resources.

Webinars and Distance Learning Programmes


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