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Allan S. Jaffe - US
troponin natriuretic peptide acute coronary syndrome heart failure

Andrea Ferreira-Gonzalez - CA
molecular diagnostics oncology Genetics Infectious Disease Inborn errors in metabolism

Anna Carobene - IT
EQA/PT Reference Methods standardization Commutability method validation/verification protocol

Annalise Zemlin - ZA
Audit evidence based lab. Medicine (EBLM) HbA1c lab management Preanalytical quality

Annette Thomas - UK
EQA/PT POCT Quality assurance Audit Reference Methods

Armand Perret-Liaudet - FR
Alzheimer biomarkers Neurodegenerative diseases immonoassay standardization CSF preanalytical confounders

Barnali Das - IN
lean-six sigma method validation/verification protocol total quality management plan prenatal screening: double marker Thyroid function test standardization

Berna Aslan - CA
clinical chemistry EQA/PT Immunoassay accreditation uncertainty

Bertil Lindahl - SE
cardiac biomarkers diagnosis prognosis

Binod Kumar Yadav - NP
molecular genetics clinical chemistry reference intervals Diabetes quality control and quality assurance

Cas Weykamp - NL
Diabetes standardization Commutability CDT HbA1c

Cecilia Queijo - UY
newborn screening mass spectrometry Inborn errors in metabolism ISO 15189

Christopher McCudden -
endocrinology blood gas analysis method evaluation and quality management tumor markers analytical interference

David Armbruster - US
traceability standardization harmonization Cystatine C, creatinine, eGFR HbA1c

Deborah Payne - US
molecular diagnostics sexually transmitted infections human papillomavirus oncology

Denis Grote-Koska - DE
enzyme measurements drug of abuse Quality Electrolytes Immunosuppressants

Edgard Delvin - CA
nutrition vitamin D biology Obesity and metabolic syndrome Paediatric health issues

Edoardo Luis Freggiaro - AR
e-learning education distance internet Website & Social Media

Ellis Jacobs - US
accreditation POCT quality control and quality assurance Diabetes blood gas analysis

Emmanuel Bissé - DE
clinical chemistry management hemoglobinopathies and thalassemia HbA1c red blood cells enzymes trace elements

Evi Lianidou - GR
quantitative PCR and RT-qPCR DNA methylation assays circulating Tumor Cells molecular tumor biomarkers circulating microRNAs

Ferruccio Ceriotti - IT
quality control and quality assurance reference intervals standardization and reference methods (enzyme)

Flavio FP Alcantara - BR
molecular biology chronic kidney disease hepatitis B virus HIV thrombophilias

Florian Scherrer - FR
accreditation EQA/PT ISO 15189 quality control and quality assurance uncertainty

George Koumantakis - AU
cardiac markers POCT Diabetes Personalized Health care regulatory requirements for IVDs

Damien Gruson - BE
endocrinology cardiac markers e-learning networking Immunoassay

Henk JT Ruven - NL
pulmunology POCT biomarkers biobanking molecular diagnostics

Hernan Fares Taie - AR
evidence based lab. Medicine (EBLM) Management Quality assurance quality systems knowledge management system

Howard Morris - AU
osteoporosis vitamin D biology vitamin D assays bone marker assays immonoassay standardization

Ian Young - UK
lipid management and metabolism nutrition antioxidant standardization

James C. Ritchie - US
Toxicology proteomics/LC-MS/MS Management depression pregnancy and medications

James F. Pierson-Perry - US
Assay development Immunoassay Guidelines to assess assay performance (CLSI) analytical error Performance evaluation of measuremet devices

Javier Gella - ES
analytical error enzyme measurements metrology traceability uncertainty

Jian Dai - US
Assay development Applications on clinical chemistry analyzers clinical chemistry analytical interference method evaluation and quality management

John Krahn - CA
quality improvement lab management laboratory information system fetal maternal clinical chemistry

Jon Johannes Jonsson - IS
medical genetics molecular genetics methods development in molecular genetics bioethics

Jorge Ordonez-Llanos - ES
Cardiovascular Risk Assessment biomarkers methods acute diseases

Joseph Passarelli - US
Therapeutic Drug Monitoring Toxicology and Drugs of Abuse testing Regulatory requirements (FDA) Guidelines to assess assay performance (CLSI) Management

Julien Wils - FR
analytical interference endocrinology evidence based lab. Medicine (EBLM) Immunoassay pharmacology

Karin Toska - NO
diagnosis education laboratory information system metrology Preanalytical quality

Katherina Psarra - GR
flow cytometry Cell immunology Lymphoma immunophenotype HIV immunophenotype

Khosrow Adeli - CA
pediatric clinical chemistry ped. Reference intervals ped. POCT lipid and lipoproteins insulin resistence and type 2 diabetes

Laura Sciacovelli - IT
quality systems Quality assurance quality control and quality assurance accreditation Quality Indicators

Randie R. Little - US
Diabetes C-peptide standardization measurement HbA1c

Lorin B. Bachmann - US
Clinical mass spectrometry clinical chemistry standardization endocrinology and renal disease

Magdalena Krintus - PL
cardiac biomarkers troponin lipid and lipoproteins Cardiovascular Risk Assessment

Matthias Orth - DE
EQA/PT lipid and lipoproteins lab management Coagulation

Maurizio Ferrari - IT
advanced molecular techniques Circulating free nucleic acids molecular genetics Pharmacogenetics Personalized Health care

Michele Mussap - IT
renal biomarkers pediatric clinical chemistry chronic kidney disease

Modupe Kuti - NI

Nilda Fink - AR
quality control and quality assurance quality systems Quality assurance reference intervals education

Orna Dreazen - IL
management and quality assurance method validation/verification protocol traceability-reference materials measurement uncertainty metrology

Paolo Fortina - US
molecular genetics molecular tumor biomarkers Personalized Health care Genomics advanced molecular techniques

Penelope M. Clark - UK
Immunoassay endocrinology

Peter Vervaart - Hobart (AU)
Quality Management accreditation lean inflammation

Pradeep Dabla - IN
lab management ped. Endocrinology/clinical chemistry vitamin D assays Iron metabolism/anemia coronary artery disease

Pradip Datta - US
Cystatine C, creatinine, eGFR standardization harmonization Therapeutic Drug Monitoring chronic kidney disease

Renze Bais - AU
quality control and quality assurance laboratory improvemente in developing countries enzimology method harmonization laboratory automation

René Dybkaer - DK
terminology-unit coding laboratory report information transmission laboratory information system

Robert H. Christenson - US
cardiac markers evidence based lab. Medicine (EBLM) guidelines renal biomarkers cardiac troponin assays

Rojeet Shrestha - Nepal
lipid and lipoproteins mass spectrometry Clinical mass spectrometry Cardiovascular Risk Assessment Liquid Chromatography Website & Social Media

Rolf Hinzmann - DE
Diabetes POCT Performance evaluation of measuremet devices Clinical trials Iron metabolism/anemia

Ron van Schaik - NL
Personalized Health care transplantation monitoring molecular biology Cytochrome P450 Pharmacogenetics molecular diagnostics

Ronda Greaves - AU
ped. Endocrinology/clinical chemistry steroid hormon analysis (MS and Immonoassay) vitamins education in clinical chemistry and POCPT sweat chloride testing

Rosy Tirimacco - AU
troponin POCT acute diseases glucose POCT INR POCT setting up a POCT outside lab.

Samuel Vasikaran - AU
bone marker assays Quality assurance osteoporosis

Sedef Yenice - TR
lab management quality control and quality assurance Cancer Failure Mode and Effect Analysis (FMEA) Problem-solving techniques

Shyamali Pal - NP
analytical error Guidelines to assess assay performance (CLSI) lab management reference intervals

Sylvain Lehmann - FR
proteomics mass spectrometry stem cells Alzheimer biomarkers Neurodegenerative diseases

Tahir Pillay - ZA
Assay development clinical chemistry management Immunoassay proteomics Antibody development

Tjan Sian Hwa - ID
lab management laboratory information system ISO 15189 quality control and quality assurance

Tomáš Zima - CZ
accreditation education tumor markers Prenatal screening Renal disease

Tsutomu Nobori - JP
Cancer molecular genetics Personalized Health care molecular diagnostics

Ulrich Sack - DE
Cell function flow cytometry immunodeficiency transplantation monitoring accreditation

Vanja Radišić - HR
chronic kidney disease Cystatine C, creatinine, eGFR Diabetes HbA1c method validation/verification protocol

Verena Haselmann - DE
advanced molecular techniques molecular genetics Circulating free nucleic acids flow cytometry EQA/PT

Vincenza Bianchi - IT
Therapeutic Drug Monitoring drug of abuse alcohol biomarkers HbA1c and variants Quality assurance

Werner Steimer - DE
Therapeutic Drug Monitoring transplantation monitoring Personalized Health care Pharmacogenetics Cytochrome P450

Yesim Ozarda - TR
reference intervals choline evidence based lab. Medicine (EBLM) fatty acid omega 3 adipose tissue hormones leptin, adiponectin

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