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Bone Metabolism (C-BM)


Name Position Country Term Time in Office
E. Cavalier Chair BE 1st  2019 01 - 2021 12
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As of January 2019 the IFCC has recently created a Committee on “Bone Metabolism (C-BM)”, formed by the joining of the already existing Working Groups:
- Standardization of Bone Markers Assays (WG-BMA) in collaboration with IOF
- Parathyroid Hormone (WG-PTH)
- Vitamin D Standardization Program (WG-Vit D)

The Terms of Reference

  • Standardize PTH assays
  • Standardize or harmonize bone markers assays
  • Standardize vitamin D metabolites assays

Current Projects   


1. PTH assays

  • Create liaison with International Endocrinological, Rheumatological and Nephological organizations
  • Define the measurand (what we need to measure for all clinical situations)
  • Develop a reference measurement procedure for PTH(1-84) and moieties of clinical interest
  • Evaluate the commutability of PTH International standard PTH 95/646 and the need to create primary reference material
  • Replicate the RMP in a second lab and create a network of 3-4 reference labs
  • Create an accuracy-based external quality assessment scheme
  • Constitute an appropriate and international panel of sera and plasma to establish PTH reference intervals
  • Specify performance criteria for RMP and routine methods
  • Provide services to manufacturers, notably by providing a reliable source for primary reference materials
  • Post-survey of the standardization effects


2. Bone markers assays 

  • Continue the liaison with IOF and extend to other relevant international societies

        Current CTX and PINP project:

  • complete the multicenter study and harmonize CTX and PINP assays
  • Collaborate with EQAS provider(s) to improve the surveys
  • Constitute an appropriate and international panel of sera and plasma to establish CTX and PINP reference intervals
  • Post-survey of the standardization/harmonization effects.

        Future projects:

  • Select biomarkers to be standardized/harmonized (g.: bone alkaline phosphatase, FGF-23, sclerostin).


3. Vitamin D metabolites

  • Re-evaluate current VDSP performance guidelines for 25(OH)D
  • Establish VDSP performance guidelines for 24,25(OH)2D, C3-epimer and vitamin D binding protein
  • Post-survey of the standardization effects
  • Propose services to reassess the true value of 25OHD obtained in former epidemiological or interventional studies that had used non-standardized methods


Committee Chair's contact

Prof Etienne Cavalier, PhD, EuSpLM
Head, Department of Clinical Chemistry
University of Liège, CHU de Liège
Route 52, Porte 53
Domaine du Sart-Tilman
B-4000 Liège, Belgium
Tel: +32 4 366 88 22 or 76 92
Fax:+32 4 366 88 23

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