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C-MD Membership

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Name Position Country Term Time in Office
D. Payne Chair US 2nd 2016 01 - 2018 12
P. Ahmad-Nejad Member DE 2nd 2016 01 - 2018 12
A.K.C. Chan Member HK 2nd 2016 01 - 2017 12
M. Maekawa Member JP 2nd 2015 01 - 2017 12
C. Mamotte Member AU 2nd 2016 01 - 2017 12
G. Russomando Member PY 2nd 2016 01 - 2018 12
H. Parkes Consultant UK    

Terms of Reference

  • To foster dynamic exchanges between IFCC and molecular diagnostic laboratories and industry
  • To produce guidelines on clinical validation of tests, conduct and reporting of molecular diagnostic tests
  • Creation of a network of locus-specific IFCC Molecular Diagnostics Centres

Current Projects

  • Establish an International Network of IFCC Reference Centres in Molecular Diagnostics
  • Develop a checklist for technology transfer from development to clinical laboratory testing
  • Standardise formats for reporting of molecular diagnostic results


List of Corresponding Members, nominated by Full Members' Societies  


Full and Affiliate Member Societies
Fernando Pérez Confederación Unificada Bioquímica de la Republica Argentina (CUBRA)
François Rousseau Canadian Society of Clinical Chemists (CSCC)
Katell Peoc'h Société Française de Biologie Clinique (SFBC)

Daniel Teupser

Deutsche Gesellschaft für Klinische Chemie und Laboratoriumsmedizin e.V. (DGKL)
István Balogh Hungarian Society of Laboratory Medicine (MLDT)
Demak L Tobig Indonesian Association for Clinical Chemistry (HKKI)
Nurit Rosenberg Israel Society for Clinical Laboratory Science
Youssef Bamou Société Marocaine de Chimie Clinique (SMCC)
Jorge R. Padilla Gutiérrez Mexican Association of Clinical Laboratory Sciences (MACLS)
Mabel Charles Davies Association of Clinical Chemists Nigeria (ACCN)
Sajjad Sial Iqbal Pakistan Society of Chemical Pathologists
Katarina Baluchova Slovak Society of Clinical Biochemistry (SSKB)
Jesus Molano Mateos Sociedad Española de Bioquímica Clínica y Patología Molecular (SEQC)
Aylin Sepici Dincel Turkish Biochemical Society (TBS)
Particia Esperón Asociación Bioquímica Uruguaya (ABU)
Hoang Van Son

Vietnamese Association of Clinical Biochemists (VACB)


 List of Corresponding Members, nominated by Corporate Members 


Corporate Member
Gavin Cloherty  ABBOTT Diagnostics
Barbara Baggiani A. MENARINI Diagnostics


Committee Chair's contact:

Debs Payne, PhD, D(ABMM), DABCC, FACB
Vice President,  Molecular Services
American Pathology Partners
Email: and

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