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Standardization of Thyroid Function Tests (C-STFT)


Name Position Country Term Time in Office
H. Vesper Chair US 1st 2018 01 - 2020 12
A. Hishinuma  Member JP 1st 2018 01 - 2020 12
J. Kratzsch Member DE 1st 2018 01 - 2020 12
K. Van Uytfanghe Member BE 1st 2018 01 - 2020 12
M.M. Patru  Member/OCD US 2nd  2018 01 - 2020 12
I. Erlund Consultant FI    
M. Rottmann Consultant DE
L. Thienpont Consultant BE    
H. Völzke Consultant DE    


In the previous terms, the committee developed the basis needed to implement standardization of thyroid function tests. Specifically, the committee:

  • developed reference measurement systems (reference materials/reference methods) to establish traceability of free thyroid hormone and TSH assays,
  • provided an infrastructure for procurement of serum panels,
  • demonstrated that the traceable assays can use a common reference interval,
  • informed the clinical and research community about the importance of standardized tests.

Building on these accomplishments, the current committee set the following terms of reference:

Terms of Reference:

  • Establish a system to maintain traceability of free thyroid hormone and TSH measurements.
  • Coordinate programs to evaluate free thyroid and TSH assays with regards to their analytical performance.
  • Develop reference intervals for free thyroid hormones and TSH.
  • Liaise with key stakeholders to promote the use of the standardized assays in routine clinical practice and public health, to ensure analytical performance requirements meet clinical needs, and to help with developing and establishing reference intervals. 

Current Projects:

  • Establishment of a reference laboratory network
  • Develop and establish follow-up panel for TSH
  • Collaborate with relevant organizations to ensure that free thyroid hormones and TSH are standardized consistently
  • Collaborate with stakeholders to define reference populations and plan study to establish reference intervals
  • Provide information and training to stakeholders about the importance of standardized thyroid function assays, and support organizations working on promoting high quality of thyroid function tests


Resources made available by the C-STFT are available here

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List of Corresponding Members, nominated by National Societies

Name Full and Affiliate Member Societies
Paul Williams Australasian Assocition of Clinical Biochemists (AACB)
Valentina Vidranski Croatian Society of Medical Biochemistry and Laboratory Medicine
Véronique Raverot Société Française de Biologie Clinique (SFBC)
Poornima Manjreka Association of Clinical Biochemists of India (ACBI)
Kaur Jasbinder Association of Medical Biochemists of India (AMBI)
M. Reza Bakhtiari Iranian Association of Clinical Laboratory Doctors
Ram Vinod Mahato Nepalese Association for Clinical Chemistry (NACC)
Simeon Adebisi Association of Clinical Chemists Nigeria (ACCN)
Jens Berg Norwegian Society of Medical Biochemistry
Lakminda Thilakarathna Association for Clinical Biochemistry, Sri Lanka
Sevgi Eskiocak  Turkish Biochemical Society (TBS)
David Halsall Association for Clinical Biochemistry (ACB) - UK


List of Corresponding Members, nominated by Corporate Members

Name Corporate Member
Gordon Avery ABBOTT Diagnostics
Annette Adelmann BECKMAN COULTER
Paul Sibley SIEMENS



Committee Chair's contact  

Director, Clinical Standardization Programs
Chief, Protein Biomarker and Lipid Reference Laboratory
Clinical Chemistry Branch
Division of Laboratory Sciences
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
4770 Buford Hwy NE MS F25
Atlanta, GA 30341
E-mail: and




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