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Pancreatic Enzymes (WG-PE)


Name Position Country Term Time in Office
D. Grote-Koska Chair DE 1st 2017 01 - 2019 12
F. Canalias Member ES    
F. Ceriotti  Member IT    
B. Chen Member CN    
I. Infusino Member  IT     
S. Pal Member  IN     
R. Rej Member US     
S. Ueda Member  JP    

Terms of Reference

  • To develop a primary reference method for pancreatic Lipase in Serum
  • To develop a primary reference method for pancreatic Amylase in Serum
  • To support EC-JRC (Joint Research Centre, Directorate F – Health, Consumers and Reference Materials, formerly IRMM)
    in case of studies and certification of reference materials for enzymes

Current projects

  • Development of a Pancreatic-Amylase method to obtain a practical version to act as reference method  


List of Corresponding Members, nominated by National Societies

Name Full and Affiliate Member Societies
Berrin Inal Turkish Biochemical Society (TBS)

Working Group Chair's contact

Dr. Denis Grote-Koska
Medizinische Hochschule Hannover
Institut für Klinische Chemie
Carl-Neuberg-Str. 1
30625 Hannover
Tel.: +49 (0)511 532 3862
Mob.: +49 (0)1761 532 3862



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