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Method Evaluation Protocols (WG-MEP)


The WG-MEP members at their inaugural meeting (L-R):
C. Markus (AU, member) S. Colli Lanzi (IFCC office), M. Tran (VN, member),
S. Bernardini (IT, ETD chair), R. Greaves (AU, WG co-chair), R. Zakaria (AU, member),
B. Cooke (AU, member), TP Loh (SG. WG co-chair)


NamePositionCountryTermTime in Office
R. GreavesCo-ChairAU1st2022 05 - 2024 12
TP LohCo-ChairSG1st2022 05 - 2024 12
B CookeMemberAU
C. MarkusMemberAU
M. TranMemberVN
R. ZakariaMemberAU

Terms of Reference 

To provide guidance to clinical laboratories on appropriate method evaluation for tests.


  1. Review and summarise the current guidelines used in laboratory medicine;
  2. Develop a white paper to concisely provide overarching guidance about this complex issue
  3. Guide IFCC member societies, laboratories and ET scientists on appropriate evaluation of new tests.

Working Group Chairs contacts:

A/Prof. Ronda GREAVES
Murdoch Children’s Research Institute
Flemington Road 
Parkville - Victoria 3052 Australia
Dr Tze Ping LOH
Clinical Chemistry Division,
Department of Laboratory Medicine
National University Hospital - Singapore

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