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Method Evaluation Protocols (WG-MEP)


The WG-MEP members at their inaugural meeting (L-R):
C. Markus (AU, member) S. Colli Lanzi (IFCC office), M. Tran (VN, member),
S. Bernardini (IT, ETD chair), R. Greaves (AU, WG co-chair), R. Zakaria (AU, member),
B. Cooke (AU, member), TP Loh (SG. WG co-chair)


NamePositionCountryTermTime in Office
R. GreavesCo-ChairAU1st2022 05 - 2024 12
TP LohCo-ChairSG1st2022 05 - 2024 12
B. CookeMemberAU
C. MarkusMemberAU
M. TranMemberVN
R. ZakariaMemberAU
CS HoConsultantCN
M. PieriCorresponding MemberIT

Terms of Reference 

  • To review and summarise the literature and guidelines on method evaluation procedures used in clinical laboratories.
  • To provide high-level guidance and incorporate evidence-based procedures for method evaluation, taking into account the intended clinical application of the measurement procedure. To engage key stakeholders on method evaluation procedures including and not limited to: IFCC members and clinical stakeholders.
  • To develop and disseminate educational resources for clinical stakeholders, to inform best practices for method evaluation protocols.


  1. Review and summarise the current guidelines used in laboratory medicine;
  2. Develop a white paper to concisely provide overarching guidance about this complex issue
  3. Guide IFCC member societies, laboratories and ET scientists on appropriate evaluation of new tests.

Working Group Chairs contacts:

A/Prof. Ronda GREAVES
Murdoch Children’s Research Institute
Flemington Road 
Parkville - Victoria 3052 Australia
Dr Tze Ping LOH
Clinical Chemistry Division,
Department of Laboratory Medicine
National University Hospital - Singapore

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