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Public Relations (C-PR)


Name Position Country Term Time in Office
E. Delvin Chair CA 2nd 2016 1 - 2018 12
E.O. Agbedana Member NG 1st 2017 1 - 2019 12
M. Krintus Member PL 1st 2015 6 - 2017 12 
K. Psarra Member GR 2nd 2017 1 - 2019 12
M. Spalvieri Member AR 2nd 2017 1 - 2019 12
C. Grigore Corr. Member RO
A. Karabulut Corr. Member TR
R. Lichtinghagen Corr. Member DE
C. Oleschuk Corr. Member CA
M.E. Shroeder Corr. Member UY
R. Stonys Corr. Member LT
F. Harb Advisor AFCB
A.B. Okesina Advisor AFCC
E. Hoyaranda Advisor APFCB
A.L. Maselli Advisor COLABIOCLI
MS Graziani Advisor EFLM
D. Kinniburgh Advisor NAFCC

Terms of Reference

The chair of the C-PR is a member of the CPD Executive Committee. The C-PR's main mandate is to assist the IFCC in promotion of both the organization and the discipline of clinical chemistry internationally and to coordinate PR activities of the various IFCC units. The PR Committee is composed of 4 members plus the Chair from IFCC member countries throughout the world. Each member will represent one major region of the world. The main objectives of this committee and its members are to:

  • Identify key PR tools and make recommendations to the CPD, other divisions and/or EB
  • Develop and update promotional materials, through the CPD, on the IFCC organization and activities, as well as the discipline of clinical chemistry for distribution worldwide.
  • Act as a link for distribution of IFCC brochures and other promotion materials to other laboratory professionals in their country of residence, national society, and region
  • Assist IFCC in improving its visibility in their country of residence, national society, region, as well as internationally
  • Act as IFCC ambassadors promoting IFCC and the field of clinical chemistry in their country of residence, national society, and region


IFCC - Labs Are Vital Collaborative:        lav_logo.jpg

As of Spring 2006, the IFCC and Labs are Vital developed a mutual agreement to joint forces on the campaign to promote the vital role of laboratory medicine and clinical chemistry in provision of healthcare and overall contributions to the general public.

  • The "Labs are Vital" program has been launched in several countries in South America as well as in Australia with the help of PR committee members
  • Joint IFCC-Labs are Vital presentations during IFCC conferences and other events.
  • Joint IFCC PR committee and Representatives of Labs are Vital are held at least annually. Additional conference call meetings are also arranged to plan future activities
  • Some of the joint activities have included:
    • Media Monitoring
    • Launch of Labs Are Vital within Countries
    • Website: Registration of Labs Are Vital Supporters
    • Development of a Joint LAV-IFCC website
    • Development of a Promotional Video on "What happens to my sample".
    • Plans for a Global Lab Week: 

Another key activity of the C-PR has been the development of promotional material which can be used by members to promote the IFCC and its activities to the Laboratory Medicine Community and the general public. A promotional slide set and a number of brochures (in multiple languages) are available for download from the Public Relations Resources Page of the website, including:

  • A slide set that introduces the IFCC and its divisional activities, for use at member society meetings. This slide set is available to all PR committee members and all IFCC member countries for future presentations at local, regional, and international conferences, to promote the IFCC organization.
  • An information brochure which introduces the the IFCC and its international and institutional activities, publicizing the IFCC and its mandate.
  • A corporate PR Brochure which introduces the IFCC and the benefits of Corporate Membership.
  • A PR brochure aimed at the general public which describes the critical role of Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine in optimal delivery of healthcare, its key professionals and the leadership in the practice of clinical chemistry and clinical laboratory medicine through service, education and research provided by IFCC, the unifying organization for laboratory scientists worldwide.

Current and Future PR plans:

  • Develop a new PR brochure targeted to the general public, governments, industry, etc.
  • Establish a communication process among PR committee members and regional federation representative so the joint team can most effectively update and work on agreed upon activities and initiatives
  • Prepare and make formal presentations at local and regional conferences
  • Work with the SD to promote IFCC as the global coordinator of Laboratory Practice Guidelines
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