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Interactive Case Scenarios - Approach to Common Problems in the Medical Laboratory.


Dear Colleagues,

It was great to have met some of you at the IFCC WorldLab in Durban, South Africa last year. You might have attended our Satellite Educational Workshop on "Intelligent Clinical Laboratory Management: Impacts on Quality System Improvement" that was held on October 22, 2017, and we would like to continue engaging with you on the common issues we face in our daily work practices.

C-CLM strives to interact with the fellow clinical laboratory practitioners and expects to hear your solutions. We have prepared a group of four case scenarios that we believe commonly occur in our laboratory environment and would like to share them with you to receive your responses in how you would solve them.

The objective of this exercise is to understand your perspectives on these shared problems and your proposed solutions. They reflect the contextual factors in your particular environment. This interaction will also assist the C-CLM to prepare a larger scope of training and collaborations in the area of clinical or medical laboratory management.

We plan to start this interactive project as of March 1, 2018, with the postage of first case/problem scenario and every 6 weeks a new problem/case will be posted to the webpage of C-CLM under the heading of Clinical Laboratory Management Toolbox.

You can find the case scenarios under the subheading of “Interactive Case Scenarios - Approach to Common Problems in the Medical Laboratory” here below.

Prof.Aye Aye Khine Wamono will be evaluating the answers and providing a feedback through the webpage within the timeline. Please submit your answers directly to Prof.Wamono at on the dates specified.

No individual responses will be presented. After the scheduled time of responses is completed, the true answer in association with a cumulative analysis of responses will be uploaded to the section of Answers.

We look forward to your participation and performing fruitful interactive discussions with you.


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